About Us

Digital Prospects is a result oriented digital marketing and designing agency. Our comprehensive bouquet of services range from SEO, Social media optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising, Display Advertising, Local Business Marketing, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Mobile In-App Advertising, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing to all your Branding needs. Digital Footprint, Unique ideas, Visual artistry, Cutting-edge Designing, Branding, Illustrations, Photography, UI/ UX Designing, Social Media Designing and many more . They all come together under one roof at Adexfinity!

We provide innovative digital solutions and services to our clients for the growth of their business. We are a team of passionate individuals, a software engineer, a designer and a photographer, with a common dream and aspiration at heart, of giving new heights to creative expressions in the world of marketing and designing.

At Digital Prospects, we believe in breakthrough campaigns and full customer delight. If you’d like to find out more or discuss how we could get your brand talked about, why not get in touch? We’ll be happy to talk.